About Me

Hey. I am Tee (or Tanya), a single mum of 3 kids and have been a single mum for the majority of my parenting life. My life has been one crazy ride and I would love to share with you my experiences and lessons that I have learnt along the way. 

My story is not one of rags to riches and how I managed to become a millionaire stay at home mum and I go on overseas holidays every year. Would be nice hey??  Sad to say, not the case! I am a hard working mum like a lot of every day Aussies, navigating my way through the maize of single parent hood and raising my kids as best I know how. 

I've hit rock bottom and had days where life couldn't get any worse! I've had days where I have scrounged through the cupboards to find magical hidden ingredients that will form the foundation of our nightly meal!  I've had endless nights with sick kids, surviving on very little sleep and copious amounts of caffeine. And I've had many days where I have questioned my ability as as parent and how I've failed my kids and loathed myself and the choices that I have made. 

And then ... There they are. These three gorgeous children, their beautiful faces, all so different, all so full of life and happiness. Who am I to be so ungrateful? The world through the eyes of my children. Such joyous little souls that have bought me back from the brink of absolute self destruction. 

I have been bitter and angry at world. But I have found forgiveness, I have found love and I am in the best possible place I can be right now. I am grateful to have my three beautiful children, to have a home where they can feel safe and a sense of belonging and where they can grow into the amazing young people that they are. 

My blog posts are my stories. The trials and tribulations of a single parent. From health challenges, to raising teenagers, finding new love and blending families, dealing with kids health issues and travelling with kids. Its been such a ride. So many happy and fun times, mixed with some very challenging times that I swore came close to breaking me. I want you to know I am so excited to share them with you all. I would love to hear your story as well, please feel free to reach out and connect. 



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